Mental Health in cells down 81% since 2013

I was surprised and disturbed in 2013 to find that the previous year nearly 200 people suffering from a mental health condition ended up in a Staffordshire Police cell despite not committing a crime.It had been a problem for police in Staffordshire and right across the country for many years and struck me as being in the too difficult to do box across agencies and national Government.

5700 insurance dodgers off our roads since 2013

Why should we all pay higher vehicle insurance premiums because some don’t pay at all? In June 2013 after I was elected I asked the police to instigate a high profile crackdown on targeting uninsured drivers.

Staffordshire Police Cadets enhancing young lives

I promised before the first PCC election that I’d establish a young Police Cadets Service for Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent. Nothing to do with recruiting to the police but everything to do with young people between 14 and 17 having an opportunity to be involved with a uniformed, disciplined service that builds confidence, skills and good citizenship.

Good night at Wolstanton Rotary Club

I have thoroughly enjoyed talking to nearly two dozen Rotary Clubs and Womens' Institutes so far this year. It's always a warm welcome and usually pretty intense debate on some of the most difficult subjects around policing, security and societal challenges faced.

Police performance under the local spotlight

 I’ve been surprised on the campaign trail just how many people have asked me for information about becoming part of their local Safer Neighbourhood Panel.One of my promises first time round was to bring stronger, very local accountability to police performance. Setting up SNPs for each local policing area, which are district and borough council boundaries and 3 in Stoke-on-Trent, has been a big part.

Impressive support for all victims

It is four months since a completely new approach to supporting victims started in Staffordshire. It covers the whole county including the City of Stoke-on-Trent.The support for victims used to be arranged from Whitehall for the whole country but in April 2015 it became the legal responsibility of each Police and Crime Commissioner to provide whatever service they believe is right to support victims in their area.

Are we a civilised society when it comes to mental health?

I must confess that before being elected as Staffordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, like most people, I knew nothing about the impact incidents involving mental health issues have on policing or the effect a policing response can have on an individual suffering from mental ill health.If I was walking down the street and saw someone, distressed, acting irrationally and potentially putting themselves in harm’s way it would never have occurred to me to call anyone other than the police.T

Investment in investigations centre of excellence

For a long time now the Staffordshire Police leadership team have wanted to bring together specialist investigations, cutting edge forensics and other specialist services into a centre of excellence. A conglomeration of expertise that will increase capacity and improve capability. That's the plan and I'm keen to support it.

100% of ill-gotten gains funding local crime prevention

In 2013 I changed the rules in Staffordshire so that 100% of the assets seized from criminals by Staffordshire Police goes to fund crime prevention and safety ideas in local areas.Criminals take from law abiding people, police take the ill-gotten gains from criminals (via a court process) and it all ends up back in communities benefitting law abiding people.

Last minute funding will secure refuge future

The urgent decision I've just made to provide running cost funding for a newly built refuge in Stafford means a safe haven for families and individuals suffering serious abuse. It's opened as planned despite a last minute hitch that led to the funding shortfall. A request for help initially came from Stafford Borough Council who have been working with Staffordshire Women's Aid to develop the new accommodation. Because it's a service that will take people out of harm's way immediately and prepare them for life after an abusive relationship it was one of the easier decisions I've made recently.