Policing and Fire - finances and local taxes

You may be reading this after receiving the bills for local public services across Staffordshire. I’ve written it to explain a little more about how, and why, I’ve made the decisions I have this year around local funding for policing and for the fire and rescue service.

Policing and mental health - what's the true picture?

I must confess that before being elected as Staffordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner it wouldn’t have occurred to me that mental health issues and policing are quite so inextricably linked.

New powerful tool against the bad guys

The number of people who are signing up for the new Staffordshire Smart Alerts is rising nicely.We've developed it over the last year because I firmly believe that the power of people and communities working in partnership with the police across Staffordshire can turn the screw further on criminals and those who cause harm. 

SPACE 2016 starts in 45 days

45 days until the start of 2016 SPACE activities for 11 to 17 year olds during the summer hols. Originally from the 80s & 90s I brought it back in a revamped form in 2015.As promised if I was re-elected, it's back again this year.

Road safety review and new fund may help

Been to a lot of places this last couple of weeks that clearly have villages with long straight main roads running through them that are a haven as a foot down racetrack.It's a long standing and really difficult issue to tackle and there are some community speedwatch groups who are having a good amount of success. Lots of aspirations in local areas for physical solutions via highways work but it is costly at a time when our everyday roads are in need of urgent attention which is finally starting to happen.

Crime is changing fast & policing must too

Even in the 3 years that I have been involved with policing the crimes and the potential people orientated harm has changed immensely. Partly society, partly if you go looking you find it and significantly because of the Internet, social media and the fact that the world is shrinking communications wise because of technology. The Internet has been an immense force for good but it's also been an opportunity for criminals to harm more people from a safe distance.

Faster personalised support for victims

The best thing for victims of crime is not to be a victim in the first place but in reality there will sadly always be victims one way or another so it’s crucial they are better supported in a very personal way that suits their needs and particular situation.

Criminals must pay

In 2013 I changed the rules here so that local communities directly benefit from 100% of the share of ill-gotten gains received by police after the Court process.