SPACE 2016 starts in 45 days

45 days until the start of 2016 SPACE activities for 11 to 17 year olds during the summer hols. Originally from the 80s & 90s I brought it back in a revamped form in 2015.

As promised if I was re-elected, it's back again this year. 2016 SPACE is different to the 80s 90s but the principles are similar. Developing relationships between public services and youngsters and encouraging useful, educational and physical activities through the school holidays.

Last year's new SPACE was a bit last minute but successful thanks to the brilliant work of the team in my office and sterling efforts by local councils, Fire and Police the voluntary sector and some businesses. Oh, and plenty of volunteers!

Check out 2016 SPACE on the new website with pics, info, sign up & more. It's here.