Road safety review and new fund may help

Been to a lot of places this last couple of weeks that clearly have villages with long straight main roads running through them that are a haven as a foot down racetrack.

It's a long standing and really difficult issue to tackle and there are some community speedwatch groups who are having a good amount of success. 

Lots of aspirations in local areas for physical solutions via highways work but it is costly to do at a time when our everyday roads are in need of urgent attention which is finally starting to happen.

The review of the Staffs Road Safety Partnership my office did on behalf of the Police, County, S-o-T and others showed the organisation was too focused on making money from motorists with less than effective effort in tackling local road safety issues. The review recommendations will change the organisation that oversees road safety across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent and a new very locally focused fund could help pump prime bigger schemed and fund locally thought of solutions.

The new fund I've talked with partners about would be along similar lines as the successful People Power Fund I established where communities come up with simple cost effective ideas to deal with low level crime or antisocial issues. A new fund would be aimed at road safety and the money is already there in the organisation's bank.

Problems and possible solutions to road safety issues raised from the ground up with a new fund to support them. Could be pump priming bigger ideas or fully funding more simple ones but it would put greater emphasis on the speeding, school parking and other perceived low level problems that cause so much concern.

Had initial talks on fund size but much more to do on that. It would be hundreds of thousands not 'small beer' though. Simple solutions through local ideas greatly underated and this could be hugely effective.