Really good technology supports really visible local policing

The last few months there’s been real progress towards my ambition to see Staffordshire Police be the most advanced local force in the country, technology wise. It’s not tech for tech’s sake though!

Communities rightly want to see a greater sense of policing out and about, so helping officers to stay more visible because they can access police info and processes on the move, instead of having to head back to the station all the time, has got to help that stronger visibility.

This week sees a more mobile applications and processes rolled out so officers can get more of what they need on the 2,000 mobile devices they’ve now got and avoid heading back indoors. During the next year it should mean 250,000 more hours of visible policing across Staffordshire.

That’s the same timewise as 100 extra officers, but at a fraction of the cost. It means they’re using their time more productively. Gone down really well with frontline Police Officers, PCSOs and Specials I meet as they’d much rather be ‘out there’ supporting and protecting local people rather than sitting at a desk in a building.

Tech isn’t everything but providing the right tools for the job in the 21st century actively supports a more traditional, visible and local, approach to policing most people would like to see more of.