New powerful tool against the bad guys

The number of people who are signing up for the new Staffordshire Smart Alerts is rising nicely.

We've developed it over the last year because I firmly believe that the power of people and communities working in partnership with the police across Staffordshire can turn the screw further on criminals and those who cause harm.

We're doing it in addition to enhancing Neighbourhood Watch but our Staffs Smart Alert povides information on crime and incidents from local officers is... faster and it can be tailored to very specific areas such as exactly where you live and/or where your mum or your kids live.

So it's very flexible, app based and available across multi media platforms. I'm hoping we can entice more younger people to play a part in turning the tables on criminality.

And we're on the cusp of a new and unique capability which will really make wrongdoers sweat. That is the ability for the police to send a message to all Smart Alert users in a small defined area where a crime has just been reported. Not quite real time but within minutes of a report to the police.

Imagine the power for policing of all Smart Alert users within 500 metres of an incident getting a message, almost in real time, from the police asking those people to be alert and look out for anything that might help the cops!

Just imagine tens of thousands, or even more, of extra eyes and ears across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent becoming instant, proactive witnesses and being able to tell the police what's happening pretty well as it's happened.

The technology is now built and we'll be rolling out this new more powerful phase of Staffordshire Smart Alerts over the next few months. Very exciting and potentially very powerful. Wrongdoers, baddies, criminals... watch out!

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