Latest move towards most tech advanced local force

Three years ago I promised that if elected I’d do my best to make sure Staffs Police had the right tools for the job. Key to my thoughts was providing the right technology… something that police services across the country have been sorely missing for a long time as far as I can see.

Last week the latest of several stages so far of that technological revolution for policing here happened with the rollout of SPIRIT technology. For the first time ever, believe it or not, staff in the police control room in Staffordshire can now see in real-time exactly where all police vehicles and assets are across the county.

It will mean faster response times with the right capabilities being sent to incidents and less likelihood of extra police units attending when they aren’t required simply because despatchers don’t have up to date geographical or capabilities information.

The new mobile devices all frontline officers are now being provided with in Staffordshire are also a big hit. It means they have access to more information and police processes on the move meaning they can stay on patrol and therefore visible instead of heading back to base for the simplest of things.

A far cry from the first PCC election when the Labour candidate, who may well stand again in May 2016, rubbished my technology ambitions for Staffs Police saying it was money down the drain. Funny how things turn out as Staffs now leading where others are following!

You can learn more about it here.