Criminals must pay

The police in this country can sometimes receive a share of the assets and money they seize from criminals. It’s called proceeds of crime and historically anything received by Staffordshire Police has disappeared into enormous budgets.

In 2013 I changed the rules here so that local communities directly benefit from 100% of the share of ill-gotten gains received by police after the Court process. I’ve compensated the budget for policing with a fixed sum and wanted a virtuous circle where if criminals benefit from harming communities - the police seize any criminal assets - and the proceeds go back to communities in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent for local community safety ideas. What goes around comes around!


Given the chance after May 5th I want to see the police in Staffordshire receive more money from proceeds of crime to plough back into local schemes that make communities safer. It’s a great way to disrupt criminal ‘empires’ and is morally the right thing to do.

Whilst it works pretty well there are long outstanding seizures for a variety of reasons that with investment and resource could be recovered. The resources are also limited from Revenue and Customs and Crown Prosecutions who are key agencies in securing money back from criminal assets.

I want to look at the chance of providing extra funding to those agencies to dedicate more of their specialist expertise to Staffordshire. We,ve had very early talks but I think it would be good if more assets can be liquidated from more criminals and be spent for the benefit of more communities here.

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