100% of assets seized from criminals now goes back into community led safety schemes

I’ve been determined to put more funding back into local communities and, importantly, have local people decide how it should be spent to make their areas safer and better to live in.

Because we’ve made headway on efficiency savings, three times more money than ever before is heading to very local discretion. There’s the Commissioner’s People Power Fund, the Proceeds of Crime Fund and also the significantly increased funding I’m providing for each district and borough council and Stoke on Trent City Council.

I guess the most satisfying thing of all is seeing local ideas to make people and places safer put into action so quickly because it’s so simple and bureaucracy light. But not far behind in the satisfaction stakes is seeing, as of 2013 when I changed the rules, 100% of assets seized from criminals recycled into cash for local schemes.

Criminals take from the public, the police take it from convicted criminals and then we give it back to good ideas that will make the public safer…. simples!!