Services that work better together

Public agencies, the voluntary sector, businesses and communities themselves all need to work together to achieve success. This is going to be difficult, but doing it would benefit the everyday lives of most of the population.This strategy is about how different organisations and the public go about making a real and sustained difference to reducing crime, anti-social behaviour and the most serious regional organised crime, as well as the risk of terrorism.

It’s about never losing the aspiration of being crime free, or at least securing really significant reductions overall. It’s about policing that’s more visible, and people across Staffordshire having the confidence that it’s ‘there’ on demand when they need it because it’s not just about being safer, but also about feeling safer.

One size doesn’t fit all so we’ll ensure there are local solutions for local people. Policing, community safety and the wider criminal justice system must reflect the needs and circumstances of each local area. For example, Stoke-on-Trent’s localities have different challenges to Staffordshire’s districts and boroughs which themselves are each different.


Latest move towards most tech advanced local force

Three years ago I promised that if elected I’d do my best to make sure Staffs Police had the right tools for the job. Key to my thoughts was providing the right technology… something that police services across the country have been sorely missing for a long time as far as I can see.