How well money is spent not just how much

My office (the OPFCC) has worked closely with the police service to spend public money more efficiently. Bringing new expertise and better financial management has resulted in big savings in the expenditure that supports policing… buying things, running estates and fleet, joining up some functions with other parts of Staffordshire’s public sector and reducing technology costs.

Services that work better together

Public agencies, the voluntary sector, businesses and communities themselves all need to work together to achieve success. This is going to be difficult, but doing it would benefit the everyday lives of most of the population.This strategy is about how different organisations and the public go about making a real and sustained difference to reducing crime, anti-social behaviour and the most serious regional organised crime, as well as the risk of terrorism.

Public Confidence

Wherever people live they have a right to expect as safe an environment as possible. Being accustomed to higher crime levels in an area, and therefore accepting it, must be challenged. Parts of Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire have higher levels of crime but that doesn’t mean it should be accepted as the ‘norm’, or that the area is less important.

Victims and Witnesses

The best help for victims is helping them avoid becoming a victim in the first place. This new ‘agenda’ signals greater focus and investment to intervene early and to prevent crime, anti-social behaviour or other issues before they happen. It means the police, local authorities and other agencies joining up better to tackle what causes crime, not just the effects of it.I’m also encouraging, supporting and sometimes providing money for communities through the Commissioner’s People Power Fund to provide simple local solutions to deal with low level community safety issues.

Visible Policing

People broadly want to be assured that when they need the police, they will be there on demand in a timely and effective way. But it’s also about communities seeing visible policing in local areas. It provides reassurance and that sense that police aren’t too far away if needed.

Young people matter

I went to meet dozens of youngsters before the PCC election to understand what their views were on police officers, policing and wider public services. It was useful, particularly as some young people I met had ‘difficult’ experiences with the police for all sorts of reasons.